Extension Tube Color Chart







1.010 25.654 White
1.025 26.035

Light Grey

1.050 26.670 Pink
1.075 27.305 Red
1.100 27.940 Peach
1.125 28.575 Orange
1.150 29.210 Yellow
1.175 29.845 Light Blue
1.200 30.480 Green
1.225 31.115 Blue
1.250 31.750 Purple
1.275 32.385 Dark Grey
1.300 33.020 Biege

NuFlush Toilet Extension Tubes are a new inexpensive, no-mess solution to the problem of running, leaking or poorly flushing toilets. If your toilet bowl looks 1/2 empty we have a permanent cure for weak flushing toilets. In order for manufacturers to call a toilet a "water-saver," they lowered the height of the overflow tube so that the tank holds less water. Less water means less water volume and less water pressure to flush. NuFlush Extension Tubes raise the height of the overflow tube so you have more water to flush. Simply place the tube over your exisiting overflow and begin flushing smoothly today!

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extension tube color chart from NuFlush