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Richard Wise announces the proposed return of technology designed for Internet Advertising in India to Silicon Valley of the United States. "The world is tired of cheap labor in India claiming to be the new global "technology leader" in the Internet Advertising space, when clearly its always resided in Silicon Valley, in the possession of Richard Wise Technologies," states Wise.

Richard Wise has been acknowledged as one of the World's Ten Most Recognizable “Silicon Valley Digital Advertising Technologists" according to search industry leader Google Inc., and as a top-ten global “Digital Advertising Technologist” by Redmond, Washington Search Giant, Microsoft (

“The technology is complex, but the mission is simple: to help organizations gain and leverage 'business competitive advantage' through online trackable and measurable metrics” SEO. By focusing on the creation and publication of essential technologies, volumes of unstructured information is created every day, “Richard Wise Technologies enable clients to access and use their own valuable resources that would otherwise be lost to them. We accomplish this by building **enterprise software applications on a proprietary data platform, which offers the most powerful search and information retrieval technology in the world," said Wise. He further noted in the old slogan of "if it seems to good to be true, it probably is" "probably is the operative word." How would you tell the difference?


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    No-look India Advertising:

    Misdirection or a no-look pass from India: It seems as if global technology companies, including Indian telecoms, in their surge to out-perform rival technology competitors, have invested millions to billions of dollars in creating apps and devices for connectivity, and the consumers are eating it up. While Google, Microsoft and Amazon advertising campaigns go head-to-head for tablet sales, apps and music or text downloads, there seems to be some important missing information. There is only one Internet. It does not matter if you are connecting with a desktop, laptop, tablet, eye glasses, iphone, ipad, game-pad, toaster or wristwatch, they are all connecting to just one Internet. Third party vendors are competing online to provide apps and downloads. From an advertising perspective, how will you find them?

    Small Business Internet Ads  
    "Taste of Italy"

    For small businesses in, and from India, consumers must be able to capitalize on a substantial portion of all India's Internet 'search traffic' going to Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft), therefore ads, advertisers and information retrieval for all the aforementioned devices, connect to the same Internet. (and this Internet has not changed) *note: do not be tricked by html5

    It is similar to the electrical outlets in US homes. (In India, most electrical outlets require a plug adapter for 110 devices, but not the Internet.) Most American 120 outlets have not changed since the 1950s, however the implements and devices we plug-into it have evolved for more than 50 years, from radio to TV and audio components.

    Despite empirical evidence to the contrary, Silicon Valley experts cannot agree on Internet Advertising Technology or 'search technology.' Very few understand either Internet Advertising or Digital Marketing and the assumption is 'its just like bricks and mortars advertising and marketing'. That's complete hogwash!

    Indian (India) Online and Internet technologies, through marketing, PR and advertising channels most often appear as SEO, SEM, Social Media Advertising, online marketing, gorilla marketing, natural search, organic listings and many other meaningless names all addressing the same business complaint; how to enjoy competitive advantage using Internet advertising at reasonable costs?

    *Investopedia explains 'Competitive Advantage'

    Competitive advantages give a company an edge over its rivals and an ability to generate greater value for the firm and its shareholders. The more sustainable the competitive advantage, the more difficult it is for competitors to neutralize the advantage.

    There are two main types of competitive advantages: comparative advantage and differential advantage. Comparative advantage, or cost advantage, is a firm's ability to produce a good or service at a lower cost than its competitors, which gives the firm the ability sell its goods or services at a lower price than its competition or to generate a larger margin on sales. A differential advantage is created when a firm's products or services differ from its competitors and are seen as better than a competitor's products by customers.

    Tutorial: How To Analyze Earnings

    But as compelling as these fundamental features might be, they still do not hold a candle to the best indicator of a company's future success: sustainable competitive advantage. While performance measures like P/E and ROE are certainly important tools for assessing a company, they are not necessarily a complete reflection of future growth and profitability. A company's long-term success is largely driven by its ability to maintain a competitive advantage - and keep it, even in the toughest, most volatile economic times.

    **Although there is no single, widely accepted list of enterprise software characteristics, they generally include performance, scalability, and robustness. Furthermore, enterprise software typically has interfaces to other enterprise software.

    In 2010 Google Inc. bought two city blocks of a building in Manhattan, New York to be used as their east-coast headquarters, with a price tag estimated at $1.9 billion. Google Inc. (GOOG) enjoys a stock price around $800.00 per share and a market cap of $266 billion. The majority of its revenue is derived from Internet Advertising, however a Yahoo! or Microsoft (Bing) search for Internet Advertising Manhattan produces no mention of Google in the first ten of 21 million results. While both Yahoo! And Bing are competitors to Google, one would reasonably expect the worlds largest provider of Internet Advertising to be listed. In point of fact Google Inc. is not listed, however, the number one site is powered by Richard Wise Technologies. Question: How is that possible? Answer: Competitive Advantage

    Richard Wise is an Internet Advertising Technologist, with virtual sales offices in Long Island, Manhattan, Madison Avenue, New York, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Denver, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Great Britain, Israel India Italy Japan China Ireland.

    Contact: Internet Advertising TechnologistRichard Wise 1-303-265-1649


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