Denver Wellness Coaching

"Develop your inner self...”
(through health, fitness and stress management.)

Corporate absenteeism due to sick days and the cost of disability and workers’ compensation, combined with poor health, costs the U.S. economy more than a half a trillion dollars a year, according to a new study by a nonprofit research organization.

Gina helps schools, businesses, city governments, senior organizations, and individuals develop wellness strategies and personal development solutions in Denver and Greenwood Village. She uses her theater/dance and health education background to make the experience fun and spontaneous.


The purpose of her wellness programs is to establish an ongoing wellness vision by providing valuable education opportunities that lead to healthy life-styling. Participants are introduced to simple techniques that help shift the way they think about health, fitness, stress, pressure, doubts and fears. The core elements of her programs are based on a comprehensive understanding of the human body so as to encourage everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, to participate, experience, and enjoy amazing results. For more information contact: Gina Oldenburg - 720-227-8685